With bitter cold winters behind us and sunny pleasant springtime ahead there is a lot to look forward to in New England. As springtime sets in it’s important to remember to have your roof inspected. Maintaining your roof is the best way to protect it especially in areas that are prone to cold winters like Massachusetts. In order to keep your roof in great condition year round, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance.

One of the biggest things to look for on your roof are soft spots as they could indicate serious trouble in the future. Soft spots in your roof can form when the layer underneath the shingles gets wet due to gaps in the shingles. It is common for roofs to have a plywood sheeting under the tiles or shingles. Over time, this plywood is exposed to many different conditions, from extreme heat in the summer to heaving rain in the spring, and now and cold conditions in the winter. These conditions cause the plywood to weaken over time sometimes softening in places where the wood has gotten wet due to gaps.

If you notice a dip in your roof with a soft spot this could indicate that you need to have your roof repaired ASAP. Most of the time when you find one soft spot on your roof you are sure to find more. Although this may cause for repair soft spots don’t always indicate your need a full roof replacement. This is why you should contact the roofing professionals at Aqua Barriers. Our highly trained team of experts can detect and repair any issues before they become a larger problem. A soft spot can turn out to be a simple repair if caught early or turn into a large leak if left unattended.

If you see a soft spot on your roof that looks damp inside do no wait. Waiting increased the chances of further damage – Contact Aqua Barriers Inc. for your spring roofing inspection.