When it comes to roof maintenance annual inspections are a must, however maintaining your roof year round can save you lots of money down the road in repairs. Hiring a roofing professional is always the best way to go, however, there are several aspects of inspecting and maintaining a roof that you can also accomplish on your own.

Remove Loose Debris: Removing any tree branches, leaves or other debris that you may find on your roof can help prevent damage. This material can accumulate on your roof throughout the winter and cause damage come spring. If possible on a dry, sunny day set up an extendable ladder to carefully assess the roof and remove any material within reach.

Remove Moss & Mold: Moss and mold are a little bit more tricky to remove than loose debris but equally as important, as it can quickly grow, leaving your roof in damaged condition. If you notice moss or mold growth on your roof gently spray moss remover and cleaner on the affected area then use a gentle brush to brush away the moss and mold. Using a power washer or hard-bristled brush can often wear away at the granules that protect shingles from harmful UV rays.

General Inspection & Repair: Easy and general inspections & repairs can often be done yourself throughout the year to help maintain your roof and increase its lifespan. Check the attic and other interior ceilings for stains that could indicate water coming into your home. If you do find water damage examine the roof for missing lifted or loose shingles as well as check the remaining shingles for mold, worn spots, cracks, or curling as this could also be signs of damage. You can also check for missing or loose flashing, nails and metal bolts. If you see any of this damage it could indicate your roof is at the end of its usability and you will need a roof replacement or repair.

Maintenance and preventative work on your roof will not only benefit you this year but many years in the future. General maintenance and initial inspection of damage can be done by homeowners but it is important to remember roofing is not a DIY job.

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