Spring is a very common time for people to begin to put their homes on the market. And if your planning on selling your home you may be wondering should you spend the time and money to fix your roof before putting it on the market?
This all depends on the condition of the roof. If the roof has extensive damage such as holes or is causing serious leaks a homeowner will need to fix the roof before listing their house on the market. If you are trying to sell your home and you do not make the major repairs necessary you may be looking at less money for the home or you may not even be able to sell it. Plus, a roof is one of the major home improvements that almost always yields a positive return on investment. On average roof replacement recoup about 71.6% of the costs they incur.
Roofs also affect the ascetics of a home, which can help them sell faster. Curb appeal is a big aspect when it comes to selling your home and a roof can represent up to 40% of a home’s curb appeal, so a new roof can increase its resale value.
If the roof only requires minor repairs you may not need to do a full replacement or repair before selling your home. If you are questioning the integrity of your roof you may want to conduct a roof inspection to make sure you are not overlooking any major issue that could affect your ability to sell your home. An inspection will provide the current homeowner with a quote of all repairs and they can then decide to fix or pass along the quote to the seller.
If you are thinking about putting your home on the market and in need of anything from roof inspection to minor repair to full replacement, contact the trusted professionals at Aqua Barriers for all of your roofing needs.