Fall is here and that means winter is right around the corner. And as we know in New England winter is nothing to take lightly. Winter brings a multitude of factors that can be potentially harmful to roofs including snow accumulation, ice dams & high winds. Before the first snowfall your roof may not appear to be problematic but once winter hits these small issues can turn into big problems. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your roof for the harsh winter ahead.

Clean Gutters – Make sure all drains are working properly by cleaning out leaves and debris that collect in your gutter over the fall. Draining problems during the winter months can lead to some serious problems for your roof. The weight of water that cannot drain properly can loosen the attachment of the gutter to the structure.  Make sure to do a thorough check once the trees around your home are bare for the season to make sure you have removed all debris before the snow.

Clean off Debris – It is important to not only remove any leaves and debris from your gutters but also from your roof. Even small pieces can hold moisture and lead to rotting and mold which can break down your roof. It’s important to remove debris before the first snowfall to ensure your roof does not get damaged over the long winter months.

Check for Damage/ Deterioration– Before winter begins it is a good idea to check your roof for any damage or deterioration. Things like missing shingles or ones with cracked curled or frayed edges can be a sign of roof damage. It is also important to check for damaged flashing around vents & chimneys to ensure no leaking over the winter. If you do find any damage it is important to handle the issue right away before the snow and winter months come.

Monitor your roof from indoors– Check your ceilings and interior walls for signs of leaks, this could mean a problem with your roof. Dark spots and drips are signs that you have a roof leak that should be taken care of immediately. You will also want to check your attic for signs of sagging which could mean potentially other problems for your roof.

If your roof is more than 15 years old you might want to consider replacing all or part of your roof before the winter to ensure your roof is in good condition. To make sure you and your roof are prepared for winter call Aqua Barriers Roofing at 800-660-1859  for everything from gutter clean outs to roof inspections as well as leaks and repairs.