You may know how to prevent roof damage from the wet and heavy winter snow but, do you know how to prevent damage from summer storms? There a few easy steps you can take both before and after a storm to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a roofing emergency caused by roof damage. Most importantly, these simple maintenance measures can ensure the safety of your property, yourself, and others. Though the process may differ depending on the size and type of roof you own, these tips can be used by all property owners or managers.

Here are a few simple pre-storm tips:

  • Schedule a professional to inspect the roof for existing or imminent cracks, holes, weak spots, loose or missing pieces, and other forms of damage. Calling a professional will keep you safe from injury and ensure you receive a thorough inspection.
  • Clean out gutters to prevent rainwater backup and gutter collapse, both of which can lead to severe roof damage.
  • If any damage is found, get it repaired immediately by a professional. Prolong the life of your roof by getting small problems fixed immediately . Wind and rain from summer storms can make small roof problem much worse over time.

Did your roof survive the storm? It’s time to follow these simple post-storm tips:

  • Restore the condition of your roof and prevent future damage by clearing out gutters, performing a visual inspection of your roof, and checking the surrounding area for any pieces that may have broken off. This is also a good time to check nearby trees for weakened branches that may fall and damage your property. Be sure to take a picture of any damage you see.
  • Contact your insurance company to file a claim immediately after spotting signs of post-storm damage.
  • Especially after severe storms and hail, call a professional roofer for a through inspection or to repair any damage spotted on your own.