Now that summer is here, it’s time to make sure your roof is ready for its long days and sweltering heat. Luckily, it’s not too late to take a few simple steps and make sure your roof is summer ready. The following tips are just what you need to keep your roof safe, beautiful, and functional all summer long.


Keep It Cool. The long, hot days of summer and harsh direct sunlight can drastically raise the temperature of your roof, leading to roof damage like cracks, dents, and weak areas. Additionally, hot roofs raise internal temperatures, making the environment uncomfortable and leading to higher energy costs for cooling. Painting your roof with a white or light color can keep your roof cool because these colors reflect sunlight.


Ventilation. Heat in attics that can’t escape due to poor ventilation literally cooks your roof from the inside out. This trapped internal heat combined with heat from the outside can break down your roof over time and leave it susceptible to severe damage later down the line. Call a roofing professional to inspect your roof, air vents, skylights, and more for proper ventilation.


Clear Gutters. When is the last time you fully cleaned your gutters and downspouts? Between the blooming flowers of spring and summer’s showers, many types of debris – from dirt to twigs to seeds – can get trapped in your roof’s draining systems. Blocked gutters and downspouts lead to standing rain water and ultimately water damage that could make your roof fail unexpectedly. A roofing professional can provide a thorough inspection, gutter clean out, or repair.


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