Although Hurricane Season starts in June and runs through November one of the most common months for storms & hurricanes in New England is during the month of august. Think back to hurricane Irene just a few years ago that ripped through the New England area in late August, leaving damage and destruction in its path. As we enter August it is important we prepare our homes and more importantly our roofs for the upcoming late summer storms.

There are several ways to prevent your roof from becoming damaged in a storm. Here are a few helpful tips that will

Have an inspection

Get your roof inspected to ensure your roof will protect you during a wind, hail or hurricane storm. Things to look out for are damaged shingles, worn connectors on roof decking that connects the roof with exterior walls to prevent roof uplift during high winds and weak spots in your roof.

Trim Tree Branches

Look around your yard and trim back any tree branches or limbs that are hanging near or on your roof. These tree limbs will be the first thing to fall during a storm and can cause serious damage to your roof. Also take the time to remove any dead trees or limbs from your property.

Clean Your Gutters

During a storm, your gutters are an important asset to your roofing system. Prior to a storm have your gutters cleaned out and checked to ensure they are in proper working condition. If your gutters are clogged or not working properly they can cause flooding and water damage to your roof.

Secure loose items around your yard

During a severe storm, unsecured items around your yard can become flying projectiles. Things like grills, patio furniture, canoes, or anything else not attached to the ground or secure structure could potentially cause damage to your home during a windstorm or hurricane. This is why it is important all these items are safely secured before a storm hits.