A new roof is an expensive investment, so it’s important to do whatever you can to protect that investment and make it last as long as possible. Luckily, even if your roof is  many years old, keeping it in good shape will make it last for many more years to come. Save yourself from the inconvenience and cost of a complete roof replacement and enhance the life of your roof with these simple tips:


Clear the Gutters

Debris like leaves, seeds, twigs, dirt, and more can clog gutters, leading to roof flooding and water damage both in and outside your property. The beginning of Spring and Fall are the perfect time to clean out your gutters and inspect them for any surface or underlying damage. Call a roofing professional for a thorough inspection and clean out to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Clean Dirt, Algae & Moss

Black algae and moss can grow on roofs of all kind over time. Though they don’t immediately harm your roof, over time these substances can become larger and collect water, leading to serious roof damage. Not to mention, this unsightly buildup diminishes the beauty of your roofing. If you tackle the problem early enough, you can easily clear algae with detergent/bleach and water. You can also sweep moss buildup from the roof.

If there‚Äôs a lot of buildup, you may need to call a roofing professional for power washing services or specialized roof cleaning services to kill moss and algae growth. Once your roof is clean, roofing professionals can also install  zinc strips to inhibit moss growth in the future. In comparison to pesticide treatment, zinc strips are more efficient and eco-friendly.


Stop Problems Early On

The best and easiest way to enhance the life of your roof is to call a roofing professional for routine maintenance and inspection to detect issues before they become severe. Even small problems can lead to costly and inconvenient roofing disasters with time. A roofer with the experience and equipment to detect surface and underlying roofing issues can save you thousands by stopping existing or imminent issues early on. Your roofer can also provide thorough maintenance to prevent issues from the start.