Get Your Roof Replaced This Fall

Many experts say that the best time of the year to tackle a roof replacement is during the fall. But why is fall the best time for a roof replacement? Some of the advantages of roofing during the fall are obvious the weather is still nice yet not aggressively hot like it can be during […]

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Warning Signs I Should Replace My Roof

It’s hard to know when it may be time for a new roof. Many experts say your roof should be replaced after about 20 years, but if you have not been living in your home this long you may not know the last time your home’s roof was replaced. Here are a few signs to […]

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What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof?


When purchasing a home for the first time there are many factors to consider including location, value, and structural condition. But now that you have purchased a home and become a first time home buyer it is important to take a closer look at the home itself, and the first place to start is the roof.

When […]

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Common Roofing FAQs

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an industrial property owner, you’ve probably come up with many questions in regard to maintaining your roofing system. Most questions are similar regardless of the type of property you own or manage. Check out the answer to some of the most frequently asked roofing questions from our roofing […]

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Aqua Barriers Visits Sam White & Sons in Medfield, MA

Here at Aqua Barriers, we’re always thrilled to reach out and offer the local community quality roofing services. Our team of roofing experts are currently working in Medfield, MA to complete a roof replacement project for the company Sam White & Sons. Their Medfield, MA location suffered from roof damage and required a full scale roof replacement […]

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