2305, 2016

Benefits of Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing is one of the latest trends to hit the roofing market.  And if you are considering buying metal roofing for your home or business it is important to weigh the pros and cons against the more common type of roofing materials to find out which is best for you. There is a long […]

1105, 2016

What Can I Do to Help Maintain My Roof

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When it comes to roof maintenance annual inspections are a must, however maintaining your roof year round can save you lots of money down the road in repairs. Hiring a roofing professional is always the best way to go, however, there are several aspects of inspecting and maintaining a roof that you can also accomplish […]

205, 2016

What Do Soft Spots On Your Roof Mean?

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With bitter cold winters behind us and sunny pleasant springtime ahead there is a lot to look forward to in New England. As springtime sets in it’s important to remember to have your roof inspected. Maintaining your roof is the best way to protect it especially in areas that are prone to cold winters like […]

1404, 2016

Spring Cleaning for your Roof

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As you get into spring cleaning for the rest of your home, don’t forget about spring cleaning for your roof. Winter weather can be a roofs worst nightmare, and after the snow melts and the weather calms down is the perfect time to reassess your roof. You could experience broken shingles clogged gutters and other […]

3103, 2016

Should Homeowners Fix Their Roof Before Selling Their Home?

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Spring is a very common time for people to begin to put their homes on the market. And if your planning on selling your home you may be wondering should you spend the time and money to fix your roof before putting it on the market?
This all depends on the condition of the roof. If […]

1103, 2016

Protect your home from April Showers & Leaky Roofs

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Spring is here in New England and that means rain, rain and more rain. And with April quickly approaching we are sure to see some of those famous April showers roll around. Your roof is your first line of defense against inclement weather so make sure your roof is leak free before the spring showers […]

403, 2016

Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

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Spring is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to get your roof checked out. The snow is melted and what better time than to make sure your roof is in tip-top condition heading into the hotter months. Schedule an Inspection, after a long winter make sure everything on your roof is […]

1902, 2016

Reasons Why Your Shingles Are Buckling

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Have you noticed areas of your roof that appear to be lifted up, where the shingles appear to be detached from the rest of the roof? If you see this on your roof it may be a sign that your shingles are buckling. When installing your roof, the spacing of roof sheath is very important. […]

102, 2016

How Prevent Snow and Ice Damages to your Gutters

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If you live in New England it may feel like each winter brings more and more snow and ice. All this snow and ice can often time lead to damage to your home. One of the biggest problems homeowners in New England face is to their gutters. Harsh winter weather can bring excessive ice which […]

1501, 2016

Benefits of Rubber When It Comes To Your Roof

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Many people are unaware of the different many types of roofing material available. But you may be surprised about the vast materials that can be used for roofing including rubber. There are many benefits of using rubber when it comes to your roof. The materials are lightweight and installation is fast and easy. The rubber […]