bay villageBay Village Roofing

Bay Village is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Boston MA with only about 837 housing units most of which are small brick row houses. Bay Village offers a cozy inviting atmosphere with many of the homes looking like smaller versions of Beacon Hills Famous townhouses. Many of the craftsmen who built the homes located in Beacon Hill ended up settling in Bay Village and built the local residences similar to those they had built in Beacon Hill.

Similar to Beacon Hill properties, these residents are crafted after, many Bay Village homes have flat roofs. At Aqua Barriers, we are determined to prove that flat roofs do not have to leak. This is why we go to great lengths to provide both the highest quality in both commercial and residential roofing services. Our roofing company specializes in single-ply membrane installation with a commitment to leak investigation and customer service.

If you own a property in Boston’s Bay Village and are in need of roofing services call the experts at Aqua Barriers Inc. today! We provide everything from commercial to residential roof inspection, repair, full replacement as well as gutter and downspouts clean outs. Whatever your roofing needs we are sure to provide you with the best quality in service, call us today at 800-660-1859.