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How to Prepare for Ice Damns this winte

Winter is quickly approaching here in New England and that means ice dam season. Every winter hundreds of houses throughout the area are affected by ice dams. But when it comes to protecting your home from ice dams, a little preparation goes a long way.

The time to prevent ice dams is now, before the bad […]

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Now Is The Time To Clean Your Gutters!

The leaves have begun to fall here in New England, and although fall foliage can be beautiful it can wreak havoc on your gutter and in turn your entire roofing system. Leaves and other debris can get stuck in your home’s gutters and can stop water from properly draining which can cause leaks in your […]

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Pros vs. Cons Of Flat Roofs

Are you thinking of adding a new roof to your home or business? If so, it is important to consider all your options including installing a flat roof. Unlike pitched roofs, which come in a variety of styles and all slope to some degree, flat roofs have no slope and can be available in built-up, […]

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Get Your Roof Replaced This Fall

Many experts say that the best time of the year to tackle a roof replacement is during the fall. But why is fall the best time for a roof replacement? Some of the advantages of roofing during the fall are obvious the weather is still nice yet not aggressively hot like it can be during […]

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When Should I Replace My Gutters?

How to know when you should replace your gutters.
Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system, which means that it’s important you keep the working properly. According to the National Associations of Homebuilder’s gutters made of steel or aluminum usually last for about 2 decades before they need to be replaced. But this […]

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Importance of Roof Flashing

Flashing is one of the key components of your roofing system. Flashing is one of the main aspects that help prevent leaks in your roof. Flashing refers to the act of installing waterproof materials in the valleys, joints, edges and any other gaps to prevent water from getting into your home. Flashing is extremely necessary […]

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Warning Signs I Should Replace My Roof

It’s hard to know when it may be time for a new roof. Many experts say your roof should be replaced after about 20 years, but if you have not been living in your home this long you may not know the last time your home’s roof was replaced. Here are a few signs to […]

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How to Prepare Your Roof for Late Summer Storms

Although Hurricane Season starts in June and runs through November one of the most common months for storms & hurricanes in New England is during the month of august. Think back to hurricane Irene just a few years ago that ripped through the New England area in late August, leaving damage and destruction in its […]

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5 Most Common Roof Problems

Obvious or unforeseen roof problems can not only be annoying to fix but can be a significant expense. Have you ever wondered what the most common roof problems are? Here is a list of the most common roof problems so you can avoid them.
1) Leaks and Moisture
With any roof, one of the most common problems […]

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What You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Thinking about installing solar panels on your roof? Solar panels are a great eco-friendly way to save money on your energy bills, but before you go installing them are your roof there are a few things you should know first.

Can your roof support solar panels? This is a big one. You have to look at […]

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