Obvious or unforeseen roof problems can not only be annoying to fix but can be a significant expense. Have you ever wondered what the most common roof problems are? Here is a list of the most common roof problems so you can avoid them.

1) Leaks and Moisture

With any roof, one of the most common problems is leaking. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons, from flashing details that aren’t fastened correctly during installation, to old broken down shingles if your roof begins to leak you have a problem. Once a leak compromises your roof you will need to fix it in order to minimize the damage.

2) Poor Installation

Poor installation can take years to detect but can be a very serious problem down the road. Many so called professional roofing contractors cut corners and don’t properly install your roofing, or even worse someone who is not qualified at all has installed your roofing. It can take years to detect a problem, but once it begins to cause issues it may lead to a full roof replacement.

3) Lack of Maintenance:

Lack of maintenance is a very common problem because your roof is often out of sight out of mind. Ideally, you should schedule an annual inspection of your roofing. You should also have a professional inspection following any severe storm or event that could damage your roof.

4) Improper Repairs:

This is a very unfortunate problem when it comes to roofing, but still a common one. This means the homeowner actually hired someone to get the job done and they could not provide the correct service. Avoid this issue by making sure your roofing repair company is reputable, licensed and reliable.