It’s hard to know when it may be time for a new roof. Many experts say your roof should be replaced after about 20 years, but if you have not been living in your home this long you may not know the last time your home’s roof was replaced. Here are a few signs to look for that may be red flags that your roof needs replacing.

Curling & Buckling Shingles

If you notice your shingles are beginning to curl or buckle it may be a sign you need a new roof. The first place you will notice this is the area of your roof that gets the most sunlight. If these shingles are curling and losing granules it could mean they are past their life expectancy.

Missing Shingles

Shingles that are missing completely is never a good sign. Shingles can be lost in bad storms or other inclement weather. Make sure to check regularly to make sure all shingle tabs are intact. Also, check your gutters to see if they are full of shingle granules. This could mean your shingles are falling apart. Inconsistent or darker color on some parts of the roof is another sign granules have worn away.

Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are the v-shaped metal channels that run up and down the folds of a roof. If your shingles are falling apart of missing in this area it’s a big red flag you need a new roof. These are one of the most important areas of you roof because snow and rain flow through these valleys and into gutters. If valleys are compromised it could make your roof susceptible to roof leaks.

Chimney Flashing

Is your flashing made out of roof cement or tar? This type of flashing can get worn down with weather and other elements ad should be replaced with long-term watertight metal flashing system.

Daylight through Roof Boards

When you are in your attic do you notice daylight coming through your roof boards? You may also notice a spongy or bouncy feel when walking on your roof, both of these could mean the underlying decking in weakened due to moisture. This is a red flag your roof may need to be replaced.

If you notice any of these warning signs or are concerned with the age of your roof contact the professionals at Aqua Barriers Inc. We provide a consultation service to evaluate the condition of your roof and whether or not a replacement is necessary or a remediation service will suffice.

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