Many experts say that the best time of the year to tackle a roof replacement is during the fall. But why is fall the best time for a roof replacement? Some of the advantages of roofing during the fall are obvious the weather is still nice yet not aggressively hot like it can be during the summer months. This allows roofers to work longer hours without the risk of heat exhaustion.

Another advantage to fall roof replacement is that it give you enough time before winter for your roof to properly seal and create an airtight barrier that will withstand even the toughest of New England winters.

If your roof needs replacing now it is a bad idea to try to wait until next summer to replace it, it may not get through another winter. Even if the problems seem like minor issues a tough winter can magnify them making the repair or replacement even more costly. New England is no stranger to heavy snow falls during the winter months and a heavy snow fall on a roof that needs replacement can cause major issues for homeowners. The added weight of the snow can cause structural damage, leaks and other problems such as ice dams.

If you are considering replacing your roof contact Aqua Barriers Inc. today, so we can come and provide you with a full inspection. If your home or business does, in fact, need roofing replacement over repairs,now is the time to act. Call the professionals at Aqua Barriers Inc. today!