0820080914About Us

Aqua Barriers, Inc, serves hundreds of customers with a wide variety of roofing each year, providing them with quality service and fast solutions using the best materials in the industry. Our service crews are highly-qualified and experienced in the industry, serving their customers with professionalism both in appearance and abilities.


Our service crews are required to provide industrial, residential, and commercial property owners with detailed reports, drawings and identification of roofing problems. Crews are also trained to conduct test cuts and provide water testing to determine the source of roof leaks and repair of deficiencies. The detailed reports, roof drawings and photographs, enables property owners to track roofing performance on particular buildings and helps Aqua Barriers, Inc. provide the best recommendations for long-term roof maintenance. It’s our dedication to comprehensive service that has kept us coming back to serve Massachusetts for over 29 years and counting.


While Aqua Barriers, Inc provides leak management services, they have also developed an experienced roof installation department which provides quality roofing installations using the products such as Carlisle, Firestone Roofing Systems, and Saranafil, and has been recognized by these manufacturers with several performance awards. Aqua Barrier, Inc’s relationship with the manufacturers is more than just installations. We will work directly with the manufacturer’s representatives and building owners bringing the two together to help us design a system which meets the owner’s budget and building needs. We have brought many owners directly to the manufacturers facilities to witness material production and product testing. We believe in relationships and a partnership with building owners and their representatives.


With over 25 years of solid experience as roofing contractors and our commitment to the roofing industry, we hope you’ll consider working with us to address any roofing needs you have. Contact us for more information on our roofing services or to request service in your area today!