Your roof is built to protect your property inside and out. Unlike the walls of your home or business, the roof is built with durability in mind and uses tougher materials to stand strong against wind, rain, snow, hail, sunlight and other outdoor elements. Nevertheless, even roofs built with the highest quality materials weaken over time and require routine maintenance to prevent damage to the delicate insulation, wiring, and wall materials within your property. Though there are many ways a roof can be damaged over time, here are three classic signs of roof damage that indicate repair or replacement may be necessary.


Water Damage in Ceiling

Those classic yellowed water spots in your ceiling or high points in your walls indicate your roof has a leak. Unfortunately, these leaks can be hard to pinpoint and often require the assistance of a roofing contractor to help track down the root cause. Water damage can be caused by a slow leak or a large leak from a sudden point of high damage or weakness in your roof. You should also note that water can travel along your roof’s foundation before soaking into the ceiling, meaning the point of damage in your roof can be far from the location of water damage in your ceiling.


Roof Leaks During Fluctuating Temperatures

In the case of temperatures that fluctuate between warm and freezing, a leaky roof indicates you may have ice dams. Ice dams are created when freeze-and-thaw cycles allow ice to build up on the roof, in downpouts, and in gutters. This ice blocks melting snow from draining off the roof, causing water to pool, damage the roof, and leak into the inner foundation to damage ceilings and walls. It only takes 1-2 inches of snow for ice dams to form.


Unusual Black Stains Form on Roof

These black stains are caused by roof moss or algae commonly known as Gloeocapsa
Magma which form in shady areas or areas where moisture naturally accumulates on shingled roofs. Both roof moss and algae thrive in warm, humid climates and act as a sponge to collect moisture. Left untreated this moisture can seep under shingles and cause weakness or leaks in your roof.


If you experience any of these signs of roof damage, be sure to call Aqua Barriers, Inc. for professional roofing service for your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Our roofing experts are highly trained and experienced in finding solutions for roof leaks as well as completing roof inspections, roof cleanings, roof repairs, roof replacements and many other roofing services.