Green roofs are rising in popularity worldwide for their beauty, efficiency, & eco-friendliness. Luckily, getting a green roofing system for your property is easier than ever. Before you take the plunge and treat your green thumb to this sustainable roofing project, check out the top 3 benefits of green roofing systems.


Longer Roof Life

Even the strongest roof made of the best materials will degrade over time due to exposure to the outside elements. Things like sun light, wind, rain, snow, ice, heat, and cold can do severe and costly damage to your roof. Unlike conventional roofs, green roofs are show to last up to 50 years on average.


Beautiful & Eco-Friendly Option

Roofs are the one space in the home that go completely unused. A beautiful green roof rich with flowers and plants can instantly improve the aesthetic value of  your property and offers a unique element of beauty. They are also eco-friendly, blending seamlessly with the natural ecosystem of the space and improving air quality, among other things.


Cooling Benefits

Green roofs can cool the interior of your space, lowering energy costs by reducing the overall energy usage in the space. They also can improve insulation in the winter months and provide shade from the heat in the summer. The soil in green roofs absorb water that would otherwise run off, which has a cooling effect for the inside of the property. Through evaporation, the water system creates a cooler climate on the green rooftop as well. Choose a green roof for a 4 -6% cooler and dryer space.